Nehru Place




IT Hub of Delhi, Nehru Place is a large shopping mall in Delhi. This is a place that has shops selling computers and computer components. Every aspect of a computer is available in almost every area. You will be surprised vendors selling hardware and software lawns of Nehru Place. There are several shop labor jobs are also located here. You can get all kinds of press, almost all dimensions of a very cheap prize. ShareAlike other markets in India, the bargaining power can save you a lot of money.

                      If you really want to reduce the cost, then try to insist that the seller and get a pirated version of almost all software. The needle to follow the latest LCD, Nehru Place has it all for you. The building may be old and rusty, but the products on sale here are outstanding. And if you're tired of shopping, there are countless restaurants to fill your appetite with local specialties like Rajma chawal, Kadi chawal, fried rice with Mouton "Lassi". In geographical terms, Nehru Place is a shopping center expansion a massive bus terminal, buses to carry almost all parts of the city and even outside. Located in South Delhi, Nehru Place is the commercial center, with streets clean and spacious. The areas include cinemas, markets, and many educational institutions.