Safdarjung Tomb


Located on the outskirts of New Delhi Safdarjung airport, Safdarjung's tomb was built by the Nawab of Awadh for his father. It is one of the best examples of architecture in India. The second dynasty of Nawab of Awadh was known as Safdarjung. Muhammad was born as Muqim in the province of Khorasan in Persia and migrated to India in 1722. To occupy the throne, had to pay an incredible amount of money from Nadir Shah. Later, the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah gave him the title of Safdarjung. It was an effective manager and handles the administration of Awadh with great precision. Safdarjung provide valuable assistance to the weakened Muhammad Shah. Soon, he held an important place in the court of Delhi. When Ahmad Shah Bahadur ascended the throne in New Delhi, Safdarjung became his Wazir ul-i-Hindustan or tomb Mamalik Chief Minister of India. The Safdarjang was built to commemorate the memory of Wazir of Hindustan.