Qutub Minar



The famous Qutab Minar in Delhi is a tower, claiming the difference is the largest stone tower in the country. Said is a tower of victory, stands at a height of 73 m. The Qutab-ud-din Aibak, after defeating the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi, has begun construction of a tower in 1193. Although Qutab-ud-din Aibak began construction of the tower, which could not complete a monument in his life. Later, additions were made to his successor. Three stories Iltutmush construction of the fifth and the last two were the work of Firoz Shah Tughlak.

                                        Qutub Minar has five stories, with the first three are made of red sandstone and the fourth and fifth, it was done in both marble and sandstone. . There is little disagreement about the origins of Qutub Minar, Delhi. A legend says it was built as a victory lap to celebrate the beginning of Muslim rule in India. Another legend says it was built as a minaret muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Qutub Minar is decorated with bands of inscriptions and four projecting balconies supported by elaborately decorated brackets. There is also the mosque Quwwat-ul-Islam, the first mosque in India, located on the bottom of the Qutab Minar.