Palika Bazaar in New Delhi



Palika Bazaar


Palika Bazaar is located between the inner and outer circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi. It is air-conditioned underground market, where hundreds of shops selling different items. Palika Bazaar in New Delhi is the most popular electronic devices and market clothing.Still is well known for low prices on all products, and attracts up to a lot of foreign tourists. You can also reach every part of the computer in all price ranges. It will certainly be surprised to see vendors selling hardware and software. One never thought that the computer components and software will never be on the streets. Anyway, this is Delhi, and anything can happen here. The police make frequent raids in various shops Palika recover items stolen and pirated. But never the end of this and was unable to prevent the movement of officers in the illegal business.

Gates of Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar in New Delhi is a huge market and for hundreds of shops located in the market there are seven gates. Here is the description of each of these gates.
Gate no. 1: This is the main gate. It faces Connaught Place Central Park, with F Block on the right and Palika Underground Parking on the left. It has staircase entry.

Gate no. 2:
This gate faces Palika Underground Parking. It has ramp entry for the physically challenged.

Gate no. 3: This gate is not in use. It faces Palika Underground Parking and is closed to the public.

Gate no. 4: This gate has spiral staircase entry with two doors, one not in use. Door that is in use faces Parliament Street, Regal Building and Jeevan Bharti building.

Gate no. 5: This gate too has spiral staircase entry with two doors. One of the door faces Janpath, N Block and Jeevan Bharti building, while the other faces towards Palika Underground Parking.

Gate no. 6: This gate has staircase entry and faces N Block and F Block.


Gate no. 7: This gate has ramp entry for the physically challenged and faces F Block.