Old Fort


Old Fort in Delhi is believed to be located on the same site where the city of Indraprastha once stood. As the great Indian epic Mahabharta was the capital of Indraprastha Pandavas. Now, most in ruins, the Old Fort of Delhi once served as the seat of the administration of a series of glorious emperors. Emperor Sher Shah Suri built the fort after demolishing City Humayun Dinpanah. Also known as Purana Quila, the old fort are more or less rectangular, with a land nearly two miles. Legend has it that Sher Shah could not complete the construction of Purana Quila race, that's life. It was then closed, or at least refurbished by Humayun. Infact, the south gate of the fort known as Humayun Darwaza. This port and Talaqui Darwaza (gateway prohibited) on the combines Islamic North Chhatris warhead with Hindu and accessories.

Other attractions of the Old Fort of Delhi is the Mosque of Sher Shah was built in 1541, facilities of boating on the lake and the zoo is nearby. Then there is the Sher-Mandal, a two story, red sandstone and marble octagonal tower. Chhatri crowning octagonal tower, decorated with glazed tiles and carved and painted plaster on the inside. Last but not least, is a sound and light Purana Quila, showcasing 5000 years of history in the city of Delhi. Nine pools of water are alive with light and takes you to the real past of Delhi.