Khari Bawli  in Delhi






Khari Baoli is the Asia's largest wholesale spice market. It can be reached by taking the Khari Baoli road (towards western direction) after crossing the Fatehpuri Masjid on the western end of the main Chandni Chowk Road.

It was during Shah Jahan's reign that the Khari Baoli, (the stepped well) was constructed along with a fortified gateway on its western end popularly known as Lahori Gate. The gateway was so named because a road through it led to the city of Lahore now in Pakistan. However, today there is no trace of either the Baoli or the gateway here.


At present, the street of Khari Baoli has a congested and busy market with shops on both sides selling spices, nuts and herbs. The visitor will have a unique experience here viewing the whole process of market of loading, carrying or unloading of huge sacks of items from manual trolleys, shopkeepers busy in dealing with the customers, customers selecting large quantities of items and weary laborers resting and chatting aloud. The overall appearance seems to be very chaotic but in reality it is very well managed if kept in consideration the fact that such a large amount of trading of small items are carried out daily.

Location: On the Khari Baoli Road after crossing the Fatehpuri Masjid on the western end of the main Chandni Chowk Road.


Famous as: Asia's largest wholesale spice market


Open: On all days, except on Sunday


Preferred timings: 11.30 am to 6.00 pm


Admission: Free and open to all.


How to Reach: Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this market, or they can hire auto-rickshaws, taxis and metro rail.


Photography charges: nil


Nearest Railway Station: Old Delhi Railway Station


Nearest Metro Station: Delhi Main