Air Force Museum in Delhi


Air Force Museum




A museum dedicated exclusively to the field of aviation and our great heroes of the Air Force Air Force. It is located next to the boarding area technical Palam Air Force Station, this museum gives a comprehensive history of the Indian Air Force and his many expeditions to date. In the museum there was a large exhibition of memorials, photographs, modern aircraft and their older colleague, making it an ideal location for exploring the magical world of the Indian Air Force. The museum houses a number of galleries to play tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their homeland.





Air Force Museum Gallery


The list of dedications starts from the day of the Royal Flying Corps during WW I and II. Gallery of Honor, Air Heads Gallery proudly retains the medals, decorations for bravery, photos of operations as well as pictures of war and peace. The hangar of the museum even more interesting. Features a display of various aircraft as the first plane to fly through the Khyber Pass, in 1929, called Westland. .